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Emotional Intelligence, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Building, Conflict Management & Resolution, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Effective Workplace Relationships, Leadership Skills

Our customized process involves the following components designed for collaboration and relationship building between the individual and their coach:

Needs Assessment

Meetings with key stakeholders will be conducted to determine short and long-term goals for the coaching engagement.

Customized Coaching Plan

This framework, which may include self-assessment and/or 360 tools, will address behaviors, and/or blind spots that need to be focused on in order to effect change.

Coaching Sessions

Confidential meetings with specific objectives will be conducted with the client. The coach will provide objective feedback with the goal of facilitating behavioral change.

Action Plan

The client will create an Action Plan with measurable targets in order to meet identified coaching objectives.

Stakeholder Involvement

Throughout the process, we will communicate with stakeholders to discuss organizational changes and provide updates on the coaching process.

Client Follow-Up

On-going follow-up with the client may be conducted for a length of time to be determined by the stakeholders and/or client.

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